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Celebrating a Legacy

An Unexpected Christmas

In the Dust of the Rabbi

Starting Point

Training That Transforms

Father’s Day 2022

Vision Sunday 2022

New Wine, New Wineskins: a Story series

All About Jesus: a Story series

Revival: a Story series

Broken: a Story series

Follow the Leader: a Story series

Thrill of Hope – Advent 2021

Freely Give

Next Generation: A Story Series

The Great Escape: A Story Series

The Story

Living in Uncertain Times

Summer of Love

Father’s Day 2021


Easter 2021

Journey of the Soul

All Things New

Advent 2020



Fixing Our Eyes on God

Hope is Real

Anxious for Nothing

2020 Easter Weekend

CROSSFIT – Training For Life


All is Calm, All is Bright



Living Life Without the Hurry


Cathi Phillips Tribute

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Eternity Now

Mother’s Day

Easter Sunday


This is Us

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