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Steve Phillips

Lead Pastor

Lead Pastor Steve Phillips is passionate about sharing with others the love of God that has transformed his broken life. Coming of age in the 70’s culture of Southern California, he went through a season of drug addiction and wandered from the foundations of his faith. You’ll find his style of teaching from the Bible to be relevant and practical, communicated with transparency, humility, and humor.

Steve is open about not having all the answers (none of us ever do), which helps create an environment where it is safe to have questions, doubts, and to be real about wherever you may be in your own faith journey. He absolutely believes that Jesus does have all the answers. He also believes Jesus is the most brilliant, relevant, and loving being to ever have walked this planet.

Steve and his wife, Cathi, are committed to following Jesus and learning from Him how to flourish in the ordinary circumstances of everyday life. Steve looks at his exit from the drug culture in 1978 as a rescue effort by God, who called him to pastor people from the context of his brokenness.

Earning a degree in psychology and in Bible from Hope International University, and then a graduate degree in ministry leadership, he began serving this congregation in 1983 as a youth pastor (the same year he married Cathi). He began preaching in 1989 and has had the joy of seeing God transform the families of Journey Church through all seasons of life. His greatest desire is to equip men and women as followers of Jesus to experience the “good life,” and to transmit that life to their children, friends, and co-workers.

More than anything, he wants you to know that Journey Church is a place where your whole story is welcome. You don’t have to believe to belong; you will find a “me too” community of people who have gone through or currently are going through whatever life is throwing your way.

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