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Partnership Ministries

Do you want to make a difference in a place where the need for your help is great? Journey Church partners with a variety of partner ministries through regular financial support from the church’s general fund budget. Several of these ministries  are also supported by providing volunteers for outreach events and short-term mission trips. To find out more, please connect directly with the ministry through the links below, or send an email to and we’ll help you get connected to be a blessing. After all, you are loved by God to love God and others. These are great ways to express that love.

Clothing the Homeless

Mission Statement: Clothing the Homeless is a registered charitable organization through The Journey Christian Church, in Irvine, California. They serve the homeless population in Orange County through a mobile clothing distribution system. They are characterized by volunteers from many faiths and backgrounds, dedicated to helping those that are in need of a helping hand and heart. Every person involved is a volunteer and all donations go directly to help the homeless.


Mission Statement: LivingWell Pregnancy Center was founded by a coalition of doctors and businessmen who recognized the need for practical help and medical care for women in Orange County facing unplanned pregnancies. They provide health services and practical solutions to each woman facing an unplanned pregnancy, in order to allow her to make a rational decision without the undue pressure of her other circumstances. Their emphasis is on helping each woman overcome the fears surrounding her particular challenges so she can move forward equipped with information and confidence.

Hope 4 the Orphan

Mission Statement: Hope4theOrphan is directed toward destitute children in Zimbabwe who have lost one of more of their parents. They help these children and their caregivers by providing school fees and uniforms, securing medical care for both children and caregivers, and by providing spiritual and emotional nurture for the family. In Zimbabwe, Hope4theOrphan is known as “Themba Le’Ntandane,” meaning ‘Hope for the Orphan’ in the local language.

Literacy & Evangelism International

Mission Statement: Literacy & Evangelism (LEI) International equips the Church to share the message of Jesus Christ through the gift of healing. They develop Bible-content materials to teach basic reading in local languages and conversational English. They train church leaders and missionaries to use LEI materials for evangelism, discipleship and church planting.

Khayelihle Children’s Village

Mission Statement: Khayelihle Children’s Village (KCV) is a beautiful home to about 50 orphaned and vulnerable children. KCV was established in 1994 when over 22.5 million Africans were living with HIV/AIDS. While the AIDS epidemic has waned, the economic situation in Zimbabwe still means that parents feel compelled to abandon their children. KCV now operates on a reconnection model, seeking out the extended family of the children that come to them and reuniting them where it is safe and supportive for the children. Living in a family is the best thing for the child. The village is warm and welcoming place, organized into family units, which becomes their family in the meantime.

Precious Life Foundation

Mission Statement: Provides a future for mothers, children and families. They are a non-profit that helps vulnerable women towards self-reliance so that they can fend for themselves and their children. We do this by vocational training in hairdressing, hotel and catering, and agriculture on a business model so that they can be self-employed if they so wish.

Hope International University

Mission Statement: Hope International University is located in Fullerton, CA, and their mission is to empower students through Christian higher education to serve the Church and impact the world for Christ.

Other Recommended Ministries


Mission Statement: CASA provides a powerful voice and a meaningful connection for children who have experienced abuse, neglect and abandonment. They are a privately-funded non-profit organization that serves severely abused, neglected and abandoned children through the recruitment, training, and continued support of volunteers who advocate and mentor these children, representing their best interest in the courtroom and other settings. They help to support and protect the rights of our county’s valued children and to give them the nurturing and stability that they deserve.


Mission Statement: The name, Kherut, is inspired by the Hebrew phrase, “mi’avdut le’cherut,” which means, “from slavery to freedom.”  Their mission is to “keep her lifted and transformed,” they empower survivors of human trafficking by providing education, mentorship and long-term employment opportunities in a safe and supportive environment. They also provide opportunities to other at-risk women including those who have experienced abuse, rape, prostitution, prison, addiction, etcetera. They  also work with the youth in foster care and those aging out of the system in order to help prevent them from being lured into sex trafficking.

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